Greetings- intrepid image lovers!

Your laborious searching has brought you to me- Welcome to my site, thanks for dropping by, I hope you LOVE it!

So a bit about me…I’was lucky enough to study a photography degree during the halcyon days of film photography, it was then that i fell in love with the magic of seeing an image appear before me in the dark room.  Now I mainly work digitally, with Nikon being my weapon of choice.

I guess its people I love photographing the most- capturing a true moment, an expression, an instant that will pass and perhaps fade unless its caught. I am inspired by what i do and i take great delight in capturing the more abstract and random things that catch my eye too.

Photographing weddings is a massive privilege for me, people seem happy to have me around and I love the chaos of the getting ready as much as the rare moments of quiet reflection that happen in the day.

My true quest is to capture the heart and soul of your wedding day. I’m an emotional kind of guy i guess- (Don’t worry, i’m not going to break down at your wedding) and this comes across in my pictures.

I have 4 fantastic children who continually inspire me and compel me to be better every day than I was the day before-

That’s more than enough about me me me, tell me about you, your plans and how you hope for your wedding to be.

I live near lovely Penarth, South Wales but I am happy to speak to you wherever you live.

Drop me a line!! here to see if I’m free on your date!

I also do lots of other kind of photography check out my commercial site– here you can see my commercial work- enjoy.

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