Alternative Wedding Photographer in Cardiff

Thanks for visiting my site and welcome. Major congratulations on your engagement, prepare for a huge adventure!

I am professional alternative wedding photographer based in Cardiff but I work across the whole of the UK. 

I have been photographing pretty much everything I see for what feels like a long time- my camera is virtually an extension of my arm and eyes, life often seems magical through its lens.

Though I work mostly in Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales, I am more than happy to provide wedding photography to folks across the UK.

The wonderful thing about photographs is that they cast a moment or a person into an indelible memory. Some things from my early life I struggle to know if it is my memory of a place, or person or a day, or whether it was in fact a picture that I was shown of that moment. Either way, it transports me to that place. 

I hope that my pictures, never posed, never formal and always unique will bring back memories of your wedding day that make you smile.

I hope that my pictures are creative, timeless and nostalgic, I don't see myself as a traditional wedding photographer, but more what might be called an alternative wedding photographer.

As well as alternative wedding photography, I also provide commercial, portraits and fashion photography. I have worked for a range of clients in Cardiff and all over the UK, providing them with creative photographs.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who specialises in alternative photography, please call me on 0798 4030240; so we can discuss the plans for your wedding, maybe over a coffee, or maybe over Skype if its easier.


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